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All the information on this site plus more is now available in a soft cover book for purchase. Books are available at the marinas on the lake as well as through the Jack’s Lake Association. Feel free to contact me through this site for further purchase information.

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Erin Schroeder


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Please continue to enjoy this site and learn about Jack’s Lake.

I want you to know I have not and will not be updating this site for the next while as I am working on completing the manuscript and getting it ready for the JLA to publish a draft copy this spring/summer.

If you have any photos, information or family stories that you think would be good additions to this book please feel free to contact me at:


Erin Schroeder


This history of Jack’s Lake has been a long time in the making, 30 odd years I believe! With the help of many cottagers, this history has come to life. I would like to thank all those who have contributed to this history in one way or another over the years, particularly Donna Smith, Nancy Kaschak and Lise Martial who did most of the early interviews and created the original questionnaires. Under each title you will find the primary author(s) of each article. Most articles have been kept in their original format but a few have been modified to best fit this text.
In this anthology I have attempted to capture our history of the lake through historic records, research, stories and personal accounts. I have tried to touch on many different topics though I know so much more can be said about our lake. So I hope that you see this as a story to be built upon as more is discovered and more history is made by future generations of Jack’s Lake dwellers and visitors alike!

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